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Its happened, I am going to play a woman ‘Matilda’ and it is nothing to do with disability.  ’Crocodiles’ written by Lee Mattinson and directed by Ping Ng Choon at The Manchester Royal Exchange Studio Theatre.  My agent is really excited because it is such a good play and it will get attention. I am really happy.  Only 90 seats though.  A friend said I dont put up enough photos so here is one.  It is not ‘Matilda’ though, I will look very different then.

Dancing Ulster Town Hall 21st June

Culture Device Dance Project is an innovative, experimental and cutting edge dance company for professional dancers with Down`s syndrome.

The company uses improvisation techniques and experimental electronic sounds and aims to push boundaries in the fields of new choreography and to provide a professional, artistic and creative platform for dancers with Down’s syndrome, developing their talents and providing a long term opportunity for a career in the art world.

For more information visit:

We will show ‘I can’t explain and I won’t even try’ and give 2 workshops at Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Date: 21 Jun 2014
Time: Workshop: 2.30pm and 4pm; Performance: 7pm
Venue: Ulster Hall

“Violence of Discovery, Calm of Acceptance” – Leicester 7.30 Saturday 10th May

John Livingston and I will be dancing as part of ‘Lets Dance international Festival’

‘Call The Midwife’ Ep 5 PBS Masterpiece Theatre 27th April

Sorry this is late. I am rubbish with my website. Hope you see this episode.  Heidi Thomas also wrote Upstairs Downstairs and she wrote this episode with me in mind.  The story is very good and I am really proud to be in it.  It also introduces Colin Young a sensitive young actor. Here is a behind the scenes photo I cant find the official one. Here is a link to a UK national newspaper The Mirror (cut and past link please) I cant make it live, sorry

Prima Magazine

Mum is in the mothers day edition out today.  We were both interviewed

CBeebies 31st March

I am reading the bedtime story on CBeebies. ‘About a Bear’  I love CBeebies it is a little studio and it is all cosy and lovely

Mail on Sunday

There has been lots of publicity for the episode of Call The Midwife with Sarah and Colin Young.  They have done radio TV and newspapers.  We will not post them all but this is the Mail on Sunday link

ITV This Morning Tuesday 11 Feb

Colin Young and I will be talking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tomorrow the 11th February.  We will be talking about ‘our’ love story in the Call the Midwife episode to be aired on the 16th February, next Sunday.

Really enjoyed talking to them last March about Upstairs Downstairs when we joked about my love of champagne.  Snootyfox the photo agency called us afterwards and said they wanted the champagne smile. They did some fantastic photography and I use the ‘champagne smile’ picture on my twitter account.

Sunday Mirror on Call The Midwife episode 16th Feb

article in Sunday Mirror

Call The Midwife 16th February

Heidi Thomas wrote this episode for me.  A really wonderful role I can’t wait to see it.  Can read about it in The Sunday Mirror